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What is Havzzy?

We’ve helped create a community for home ownership – especially for those who’ve been told it wasn’t possible right now!

We enable friends to form their own group, or help individual users find and invite other liked people to make a new group. Then, figure out your group’s total buying potential with specialized lenders, and buy a home!


"The world's shared economy brought to you
to buy and share a home of your own, together."

Why did we start Havzzy?


We began in 2018.

The shared economy has successfully connected randos in need of a quick lift, in owning a car, even finding a lover for the night or for life. But the only sites we could find to help buy a home were for couples, the well off, or people who already owned a home.

It took time to find industry professionals open to the idea of buying a home for our style of buyers - but the lenders, Realtors and vendors who have taken that leap of faith with us have helped give hope to our Havzzy community.

Friends, couples, and individuals can meet, figure out their likes, dislikes and finances with each other, and combine their financials to buy now versus waiting and having home prices go higher.


A whole universe of uniqueness!

Adults young and old, graduates, workers, vets, every hue of humanity, families, friends and individuals.

Havzzy buyers are all different, but all have the shared vision of getting together to own a home.

And now we can help make that happen!

What are real buyers saying?


I pretty cautious, but excited to meet other people that are in my phase of live. Who knows maybe make some cash and a find a life partner?

- Sharon B.

Damn, I have been paying rent since I was 18. I am done with that. Some $20 grand gone. Join. Let's Make some money together.

- Corey S.

My husband I are super happy with our decision to not wait to save enough money for a down payment. We are enjoying the security and safety of our own home. We lived in a high-density complex with about 400 apartments. It scary to think of all the germs we touched on the way up to our apartment. Anyways, we did lose some privacy with our fellow Havzzier, but total well worth it. She has helped in other ways… to many to mention.

- Ruth & Nick & Pamela

I am a three-star buyer. The survey etc. was pretty easy, a bit personal, but if we are going to live and own together, better safe that sorry.

- Jess C.

So far so good. The platform was very helpful and opened our eyes to the possibilities. We haven't matched up yet, but once more people start using the platform our options will be limitless.

- Zack

Why Havzzy?

Home prices continue to rise quickly. The old model of, “earn, save, and buy”, simply doesn’t work anymore.

We help breakthrough this cycle of unaffordability. We help you combine what you have and what you earn with your friends or others you meet in our community so you can have a stronger application to get approved now.


It may not be the “forever home”, but we can help get into something now that didn’t seem possible.


And, after owning a home, you can feel good about the appreciation in equity you get as the home goes up in value.

What’s “appreciation in equity”? That’s a fancy term for the difference between the price you buy your home up to the increased price of the home as it goes up in value. That increase belongs to you and your co-buyers.

Rent vs Buy

A lot has been written on buying vs. renting. An Internet search will return millions of pages with opinions and stats supporting both. 15 years ago it was a stronger argument to rent, but recently with home prices rising by as much as 20% in a single year, critics favor buying.

And as exciting as the idea is of owning a home and having the value go up, we want to be smart about it and be aware of some things that come with owning a home.

Pro-renters argue that if something breaks or needs to be replaced and you own the home, then you would need to fix it, but when renting you would just call the owner to fix it. And this is true. A roof might leak, a pipe brakes, a toilet needs to be replaced, pests like mice or termites need to be eliminated, or needing to paint the home are all things you’ll want to budget for.

Pro-owners point out that a mortgage payment can be fixed and paid off, while rent can go up every year, and can never be paid off. Also, renters can get notice to have to vacate the property with only 60 days to get out, not owners. And as property values increase, that equity can be pulled out of the home or paid out when owners sell.

So yes, there will be more costs and tasks with owning a home, but if you do, the reward can be freedom, assurance of livelihood and a nice appreciation of home value.

One note, it’s a good idea to plan to own for 3 years or more. It is amazing to see 20% gains in a single year, but a 5% average gain is the more normal annual gain. Just don’t expect to buy today and have a 40% increase in two years.

Lastly, it’s no secret that most well-to-do people own their primary home. Did Steve Jobs rent? Does Oprah Winfrey rent her home? How about Kim Kardasian? And you don’t need to be rich or famous to own a home; common, everyday homeowners point to their home as a base of their wealth and piece of mind. Even owning a portion of your own home could fix your monthly payment and start earning equity – and by being able to find other like-minded buyers, we hope to help make this possible now.


Much better than renting or buying a home alone


Buy Alone

Can get kicked out of your home by a landlord

Share monthly payment = lower monthly cost

Can lock in a low interest rate for low payment

Can fix payments - prevent/limit increases

Security/Stability of owning where you live

Monthly payments pay yourself, not a landlord

Build Equity/Accumulate Passive Wealth

Can rent rooms to others for extra income

Potential Tax Advantages/pay backs

Combine financials to buy more

Vet out potential co-buyers before buying

Share down payment cost with others

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See how much more you can afford when you group up with other like minded Havzziers


Why spend thousands of dollars per month on rent when you can own a home? With Havzzy, you can find like minded individuals to share the home owning experience with.

Search Homes

Our platform allows you to search all homes for sale nearby

Get Matched

Get matched with other Havzziers interested in the homes you are interested in. Save big by splitting a home purchase!

Get Approved

Get a loan approval for a home with your fellow Havzziers!


What is Havzzy?

Havzzy is an online platform that unites people and their income, cash, and credit for residential real estate purchase

What is a Havzzier?

A Havzzier is a person or group of people that have decided NOT to rent or lease their accommodations and are willing to share the cost and profit of a buying a home.

How does it work?

Make your account. Build your buyer profile. Complete the survey on life preferences, likes and dislikes, etc. Start looking for properties in the area you want to live. Create a buyers group. Meet up with your buyers group. Once your group is complete, secure your financing make offers on properties and close escrow.

What do I need?

A desire to stop paying rent, a willingness to share with others, income, decent credit and some cash.

Can anyone be a Havzzier?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Absolutely!

Why Havzzy?

We care about people being fleeced by escalating rent and leases. We have  pre-negotiated lenders that have agreed to a multi-buyer loan and we guide you through every step of the matching, meet, and buying process.

Where can I live?

Any state, any city, any country, anywhere!

How much does it cost?

Zero until your matched. Once matched. We charge a minimal month fee of $9.99 until you're in your home. There are nominal fees for the optional credit checks, and background checks.

What is the Co-Ownership process like?

Loan pre-approval is the #1 step before making an offer on a property. Real Estate agents and their clients in most cases will not accept an offer unless you have one. …you would be their "lookie loos" and not taken seriously.

How long for loan approval?

3 to 20 days for loan pre-approval.

Is there a real estate agent involved?

Yes. Havzzy offers real estate agents have the option to be listed on our site or showcased in a zip code (s). You select whom you wish to work with. It's all you.

Who decides who gets what room?

You and your fellow Havzziers decide how you want to live... Which rooms, bathrooms, garage space, etc. We have a co-buyers agreement templet which you and your fellow buyers can use to make your custom agreement.

How much do I own?

Your individual contributions and agreements will decide how much ownership interest you have in the property. If you have a non-occupant owner, the ownership interest will be same but you will enjoy living in more square footage. For example: You match with  2 people that want to share the living space, and 1 person that is a non-occupant or investor. You have selected a property worth $875K, has 2500 sq. ft  of living space, a master bedroom with 800 Sq. ft, 2 single bedrooms @ 500 sq. ft each, a separate bath of 200 sq. ft., and common area ( Walls, cabinets, kitchen, dining area etc.) of 500 sq. ft. You might all own 25% but will have living space of 33.3%.



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